Snugz Full-Face Mask Liner Instructions & Tips

Using Snugz couldn’t be any easier. Here’s how:

First, slide your hand through the mask liner with the black line facing inward, touching your fingertips. Use fingers to spread the liner open.

Next, hook the upper outer edge of the mask liner over the top of your mask. The black line should be facing the mask. Easy enough.

Then stretch the mask liner to secure over the other rounded corners of the mask. Almost there!

Finally, achieve your desired mask coverage and comfort through minor tugging adjustments.

That’s it. Really. Now, go to sleep.

Need a video demonstration?  Here you go:


  1. Feel free to give your Snugz a few stretches with your hands before applying to your mask if you feel that it is too Snugz on your mask.
  2. Make sure that the black seam is on the hard plastic part of the mask, as indicated in the instructions, while the seam without the black line is on the rubber part of your mask. The seam with the black line is slightly thicker and tends to lift the mask off your face too much (causing leaks) and may also leave lines on your face. The seam without black is much softer and thinner and is meant to be on the rubber part of the mask.
  3. Make sure that you pull the seam without the black line inward into the mask enough. It should align with the inner edge of the rubber so that when looking at the open size of the mask, you cannot see any rubber as shown here. This will ensure that the thinnest and softest part of the Snugz is on your face and that the edge of the Snugz will not cause lines.
  4. When applying the mask to your face, first start with the mask high so that your nose is in the middle of the mask. Then, slide the mask downward over your nosebridge. This will help spread the nose bridge portion of your mask cushion more naturally over your nose for a better fit and better seal. If you feel like the nose bridge portion of the rubber mask cushion is compressed to much by Snugz, you can use your thumbs to spread the mask cushion open as you slide it down over your nose as shown here.
  5. Note that the breathability of Snugz WILL leave you with a different sensation on your skin – your skin will feel cooler and dry.  For some patients, this can take some getting used to, but it is what will help keep your skin irritation free.”


Snugz are low maintenance. Simply toss me in with your regular laundry between uses to keep me fresh. And, yes, you can throw me in the dryer as well. Don’t worry, I can take the heat.

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