How Snugz CPAP Mask Liners work for you.

Snugz CPAP mask liners are easy to use, easy to care for, and feel great. Let our innovative liners revolutionize your CPAP experience.

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Designed to fit.

Whether you choose our full-face (nose and mouth) CPAP mask liner or nasal (nose only) mask liner, Snugz will wrap snugly around your mask and rest softly on your face*. The liner helps to grip the skin and keep the mask in place around the nose and mouth, reducing the need for a chin strap.

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No more noisy air leaks.

Our soft Snugz liners fit your face better and eliminate those large, noisy leaks that wake you up. This better seal is especially beneficial for high-pressure/-flow PAP patients and can reduce nightly sleep disturbances and AHI.

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Snugz is available in:

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Say goodbye to redness and irritation.

Breathable and moisture-wicking fibers make your skin feel cool, dry, and comfortable, while reducing pressure marks, skin breakdown, and pressure sores. Snugz provides a protective barrier for patients with sensitivities to mask materials.

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Less work, less cost.

By reducing the oils and sweat absorbed by the mask cushion, Snugz lessens the burden of cleaning and replacing your masks. Snugz liners are easily washed with your normal laundry. Plus, your two-pack will last up to 90 days—making them more than 300% more cost-effective than disposable liners.

The Science of Snugz.

Understanding a better seal.

Despite common misconceptions, small mask leaks can be beneficial. By allowing just the right amount of air flow through the fabric, Snugz keeps your skin dry and your mask cool. Your machine may record leakage; don’t worry—if your sleep disturbances and AHI are lower, then your Snugz is doing its job.

Your product is excellent! I have recommended them to everyone I know that uses a CPAP.

– Cathie, Delaware

Why choose Snugz?

There’s plenty of reasons to love Snugz, but here are our four most important.

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Hey there,
good looking.

No one wants to wear tissues, diapers, or wrinkly fabrics on their face. Snugz liners are sleek, form-fitting, and, most of all, comfortable.

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No cutting or assembly required.

Put away those scissors. This is easy. Simply stretch Snugz around your mask cushion and go to sleep. After use, toss your liner in the laundry to keep it clean.

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We’ve got
you covered.

Our innovative design will snugly fit most full-face or nasal CPAP masks.* So, unlike other products, you don’t have to worry about ordering the wrong one or changing masks. All you need to know is whether the mask goes around your nose and mouth (full-face mask liner), or just your nose (nasal mask liner).

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A partnership
that will last.

Tired of throwing away money on disposables or on products that fall apart after washing? Snugz liners will easily stand up to frequent machine washing and drying. Plus, your two-pack will last you up to 90 days—making Snugz much more cost-effective than disposable liners.

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Seize the night.

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Rule the day.

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