Seize the night.

Introducing Snugz, a cool new partner in the bedroom. Snugz are one-size-fits-most liners designed for either full-face or nasal CPAP masks. They help reduce noisy leaks, prevent redness and irritation, and feel great against your skin. If you suffer from the sleep apnea experience, you’re going to love them.

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Why Snugz?

With our moisture-wicking Snugz liners, say goodbye to noisy air leaks, pressure marks, and skin irritation. Snugz will help you look and feel better and will reduce the burden of cleaning and replacing your mask.


Sleep sounder.

CPAP masks are noisy and uncomfortable, lowering the quality of your sleep. Snugz liners rest softly against your face or nose, reducing noise and keeping you comfortable.


Breathe easier.

When a CPAP mask leaks air, it compromises your therapy and interrupts your sleep. Snugz liners eliminate large, noisy leaks to keep you breathing and sleeping well.


Live better.

When you’re comfortable, you’re happy. With Snugz, you wake rested, refreshed and looking good. Now the day is yours.

The Problem.

Let’s face it, the CPAP sleeping experience leaves much to be desired. Noisy mask leaks impede your therapy and wake you up. And in the morning, you are faced with pressure marks and irritation.


Mask cushion materials absorb oils, sweat, dirt, and creams from your skin – causing an uncomfortable slimy interface that can irritate your face and nose.

✓ Moisture-wicking and washable Snugz keep you clean.


Masks can feel hot and stuffy. Sweat and skin oils degrade the mask cushion and result in noisy air leaks that wake you up and compromise your therapy.

✓ Snugz prevents noisy air leaks.


Repeated attempts to reduce leaks by tightening the mask lead to ugly pressure marks on your face and nose.

✓ Snugz protects your face and nose.


CPAP masks require daily maintenance and cleaning as well as frequent, costly replacement.

✓ Snugz protects your mask.

Humans spend a third of their life sleeping. The rest is up to you.

Live better.

Seize the night.

Rule the day.

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